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How is Fueltrip better than other apps?

A simple and intuitive interface

We've made this application with just a minimal set of required features in mind. A clean, simple, user friendly and intuitive interface keeps you, the user, focused on the task at hand.

Add new gas stations with a single tap

You can add a new gas stations easily, with a single tap! After you set the location and brand, the new gas station will appear on the map, along with the range of fuels it delivers. We make sure all user input is curated before publishing!

Community supported prices, always up to date

Even if a price was recently changed and is not correct, you can still update it. We make sure to keep our prices correct by cross-checking information from multiple sources and discouraging miss-behaviour by warning, or in extreme cases even banning, "sabotaging" user accounts.

Pinpoint precission to anywhere you want

You can use your mobile device's GPS capabilities or a manual pinpoint on the map, in order to set the exact location for adding new gas stations or searching those nearby.

Look around your current location

You can choose the range you want to see the gas stations in. This can be helpful especially when you find yourself in a new location and don't know where from you should fill up your tank.

Filter by gas station and fuel type

This feature allows you to see only the relevant information on the map. You have the ability to filter exactly by the type of fuel and gas station brand you are interested in.

Detailed pricelist for each gas station

Usually gas station brands don't feature the same fuel prices across all their locations. In this way, you can upload or see the prices at every single gas station.

Dynamic maps to help you get around

These maps summarize thousands of gas stations from your chosen location and allow you to decide for the best place to fuel up. Our initiative is to make this information available for everyone.

Take advantage of your location

Add a new gas station or simply search for one near your current location. You have the ability to choose the range, brand and type of fuel you want to see.

Plan your entire trip ahead

This is a great feature. Why? Because whenever you go on a trip, you can easily add the start and the end point, and see what gas stations you have on your way. From now on, you will have no more problems asking yourself: Where is the next gas station? Will I have enough gas to make it there?

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